Terra Nova Equestrian Training Center provides a unique boarding experience for horses and their humans. Located on 50 sprawling acres, it’s both an exceptional boarding facility and an international center for Positive Reinforcement Training (R+) for horses and riders.

Terra? Via? What’s the difference?

Terra Nova (‘New Ground’ in Latin) is the name of the equestrian facility itself, managed by Gilly Slayter, which is located 20 minutes from the plaza in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

Via Nova (‘New Road’) is the name of our Positive Reinforcement training business based at the facility. Our Via Nova trainers specialize in using Positive Reinforcement with equines. The Via Nova mission is to introduce R+ to the traditional equestrian world in a safe and practical way.

Boarding at Terra Nova means that you and your horse will participate in our Priority to Positive® (PtP) boarding program. This consists of both full care board and a Via Nova Positive Reinforcement training program tailored to you and your horse’s goals and needs.

PtP Boarding

Our R+ philosophy extends beyond our training methods; we also apply this science-based and positive horse approach to Terra Nova’s stable management and boarding program. Please note that all boarding at Terra Nova is limited to horses in full-time training with Via Nova Training. Scroll down to find out about the Via Nova Priority to Positive®Training Program.

With a total of 40 stalls in two barns, well-designed turn-out facilities, and a variety of indoor and outdoor options for multiple disciplines, we focus on our horses’ natural needs for movement and enrichment.

Full Boarding Costs
Includes: Turn-out, European hotwalker, hay-fed three times daily, and Purina products for grain.

Main Barn: $1,000/month
Back Barn: $900/month

Via Nova Priority to Positive® Training Program

Through daily care and horse interactions, our training program includes lessons, rides, and liberty sessions personalized to improve motivation and performance based on your individual goals while promoting joy and fun for horses and humans.

One-Month Introductory period
To ensure that everyone and every horse we work with flourishes, we welcome all new boarders and horses with an introductory period that teaches and trains the fundamentals of Positive Reinforcement (R+) and Priority to Positive® (PtP) Training. We also meet with you to develop an individualized plan for you and your horse using R+ to achieve your aspirations.

Includes: 5 sessions/week (minimum)

Customized combination of:

  • Under saddle lessons with Via Nova trainer
  • Trainer rides
  • Trainer led liberty sessions with horse and boarder
  • Introduction to Priority to Positive®: Interactive courses and hands-on sessions with your horse


  • Customized training plan developed between boarder and Via Nova to meet desired goals
  • Boarder/rider knowledgeable with the basics of R+ Principles of PtP
  • Horse proficient with basic R+ Skills, Targeting, and Liberty leading
  • Horse trained/taught manners with food
  • Horse conditioned to the Bridge Signal

Introductory period* cost: $600

*At the end of the first month, Via Nova will evaluate progress and discuss appropriate training package.

Monthly Training Packages (after the introductory period):
Each session includes a customized combination of lessons, trainer rides, and liberty sessions. Terra Nova does not provide boarding without an ongoing Via Nova Training package.

  • 5 sessions/week $700
  • 4 sessions/week $600
  • 3 sessions/week $500
  • 2 sessions/week $400

If you are interested in joining the Terra and Via Nova family, please contact Gilly Slayter to learn more about our facilities, program, philosophy, and requirements. If boarding at Terra Nova is right for you and your horse, she’ll schedule an interview with you to visit Terra Nova and discuss your expectations and goals, from groundwork to under saddle as well as in competition.