We’re on the road to the future with a new name: Via Nova Training. We’ll be taking Positive Reinforcement training into the national and international world of traditional horsemanship under this name, so watch for us as Via Nova Training at competitions, exhibitions, demos, online and wherever equestrians and horsemen and horsewomen gather to love, ride and train horses.

Via Nova Training LogoOur new website vianovatraining.com is under construction, so expect to see some changes in our website, social media and emails as we travel this new road in the Spring of 2020!

Our home facility here in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA is still Terra Nova Equestrian Training Center. (Yes, Via Nova means ‘new road’ and Terra Nova means ‘new ground.’ See what we did there?) We’ll have our at-home workshops and clinics in Positive Reinforcement for horses, featuring Shawna Karrasch, right here at 47 Ranch Road, Santa Fe NM in our beautiful new Training Pavilion.