Shawna Karrasch works with an experienced horse 

In this video Shawna is working with Nico, who is a veteran of the Reverse Round Pen. As we advance with the work in this part of the training, we focus on refining movement and transitions. With the use of the bridge signal (in this case a clicker) we can draw attention to precise movements and moments in time.  We can focus on balance, how they use their bodies and teach them to engage and understand using their hind ends. This is invaluable!  

Although Nico is now an old pro, he came to us with some deep seated nervousness. We are constantly working on his relaxation. This particular cold day presented a couple of extra challenges. First, he hadn’t done any Reverse Round Pen sessions in awhile. So he was a bit over enthusiastic, which worked against him being able to settle. In addition, the weather had turned suddenly cold, a 40 degree difference overnight. This clearly contributed to his increased energy. 

What Shawna liked is how these challenges gives you a look into how she helped Nico to settle into his training session.

We hope this video gives you some food for thought in considering the horse you have on that day and planning to be flexible with your goals for the session!