July 19, 2021 – Santa Fe, New Mexico – Via Nova Training, home of Via Nova: Priority to Positive®, would like to announce that behaviorist and R+ expert Shawna Karrasch has stepped down from her position with our center. While living at our ranch, Terra Nova, she imparted her knowledge to a number of horses and people.

Just a few years ago, Karrasch was invited to teach a clinic at Terra Nova and the relationship evolved to an invitation to bring her expertise to our program. We learned an extensive amount about R+, but also evolved our concept of Priority to Positive® and the core of an educational curriculum that will serve as the base of the offerings we seek to develop and unveil in the future.

Karrasch has a gift for teaching the power of positive reinforcement. We are certain she looks forward to offering that knowledge through clinics.  Within the next week, all of her online channels will reflect this change, and we wish her success and happiness.