Positive Reinforcement Training

We believe… Positive Reinforcement (R+) is a powerful means of motivating and communicating with horses. We strive to develop the positive principles and tools to give traditional equestrians the means to improve performance, fix behavioral problems and create more heart in their horse(s). We recognize positive training as proven science and humane best-practice which drives us to achieve our mission.

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Meet the Via Nova Trainers

With over 25 years of experience, Shawna Karrasch is a pioneer in using reward-based methods to train horses, while unlocking joy and enthusiasm, and turning “problems” into fun – and horses into willing participants. Dressage and eventing trainer, and barn manager, Gilly Slayter brings her years of horse knowledge, coaching and competitive experience to create the perfect combination of positive equestrian pursuits with outstanding boarding care at Terra Nova Training Center.

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Photo of Shawna (top) by Evalyn Bemis / @ebemisphoto

Our Facilities in Santa Fe, NM

Via Nova facilities

We’re proud to offer innovative training in our newly renovated equestrian facilities in Santa Fe, NM. Via Nova’s base, Terra Nova Training Center, is both an exceptional boarding facility and an R+ training center. We believe that effective Positive Reinforcement Training can create happy, polite, confident horses for everyday riding as well as for competition and we welcome you to join us!

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