We are All About Supporting Educational Opportunities!
We are #alwayslearning—it’s one of the many aspects we enjoy about this journey. Expanding our horizons and supporting the welfare of the horse, Via Nova sponsored a select group of organizations and events in the last year.

chattcon compassion consent

In June of 2021, we sponsored CHATTcon, the virtual Convergence of Human and Animal Training and Technology Conference, and also gave away two free all-access passes through our social media pages. Great minds converged together virtually for two days, and we learned from collective expertise. We wrote an overview about the event and continue to post about behavior science discussed at CHATTcon in our #alwayslearning campaign on social media.

In the fall of 2021, we presented, attended, and sponsored three events of interest. First, with jam-packed educational sessions and special events that were interesting, active, and engaging, we attended the American Horse Publications Conference in Fort Worth, TX. Next we were in Lexington, KY, where Via Nova sponsored Equitana’s ‘Lost Art of Horsemanship’ Panel, which proved to be quite interesting and insightful (read Via Nova‘s first of five blog posts generated from the panel). In October, a worldwide audience attended the International Society of Equitation Science (ISES) virtual conference, where we sponsored speakers and listened in on a list of thought-provoking presentations.

Tremendous Takeaways

From having a collection of knowledge presented virtually, to moderating a conversation about what positive reinforcement means, to the live panel of four very different horsemen and women discussing horsemanship and much more, the takeaways from participating in these events was tremendous. We look forward to continuing this in 2022.

Here at home in Santa Fe we are educating future professional R+ horse trainers who can teach and apply Priority to Positive® principles and positive reinforcement skills on the ground and in the saddle. We know having these tools will improve performance, fix issues, and create more heart in horses. Our vision is to see that every person who is interested in Positive Reinforcement with horses is able to find a knowledgeable and skilled trainer to work with in person.

We’re well on our way to completing a comprehensive program that will produce educated Priority to Positive® trainers with R+ skills and experience, because the demand is sky-high and there just aren’t enough to go around!

Via Nova horses at home