As we continue our journey, we want to reflect on the highlights of 2021 as well as enter into the new year with our eyes bright and ears forward for what’s to come this year.

Via Nova is educating the future professional R+ horse trainers who can teach and apply Priority to Positive® principles, positive reinforcement skills, and tools on the ground to improve performance, fix issues, and create more heart in horses. We’re well on our way to a comprehensive program to produce educated trainers with R+ skills and experience, because the demand is sky-high and there just aren’t enough to go around!

In the long term, we want every person who is interested in Positive Reinforcement with horses to be able to find a knowledgeable and skilled trainer they can work with in person, not only over the phone or by video.

We will continue to make strides towards our goal of introducing the power of positive reinforcement (R+) to traditional riders and trainers, even if at times we have to walk before we trot, canter, or gallop into understanding and acceptance.

R+ Resources
There’s been an explosion of online resources for using Positive Reinforcement (R+) with horses since the pandemic, which we love!
Our recommendations for online learning and community are Hannah and Rachel at, along with Patricia at Both have clear, organized material with lots of videos that can help self-starters deal with many of the issues that arise in R+ training.
The Season for Giving

Wrapping up 2021 with a Via Nova giveaway, we were pleased to present two grand prize winners, Ami and Heidi, with Via Nova All-purpose saddle pads, Positive Horse Training calendars, and Via Nova Clickers.

Eight additional winners each received a Positive Horse Training calendar and a Via Nova Clicker – Michelle, Donna, Sheri, Jennifer, Jane, Suzanne, Angela, and Patti. Thanks so much to everyone who participated!