Taking the Priority to Positive® Path

Shawna Karrasch is now officially the Positive Reinforcement Trainer and Animal Behavior expert at Via Nova Training. It’s an amazing synergy of talents, experience and resources, and we’ve been actively preparing opportunities for you to take the Priority to Positive® Path too. More on that soon!

After two years of consulting with Terra Nova Training Center in Santa Fe, Shawna decided to devote 100% of her time to broadening the Priority to Positive® horizons for equestrians under the recently launched Via Nova umbrella. As always, Shawna is working with both horses and riders to deepen their knowledge and ability to prioritize R+ methods.

All the horses here, well every horse actually, has their own unique story. We want that story to be positive and to show how this is possible.

Shawna Karrasch; Photo © Cathrin Cammett

We’ll be telling our horse stories and we want to hear yours as well.

“I’m so thankful to be a part of this and to take all the content I’ve created over the past 26 years to a new level. I’m collaborating with the Via Nova marketing team to continue offering solutions,” Shawna said. As a start Shawna and Via Nova are revitalizing ‘Ask Shawna,’ which will now be ‘Ask Shawna @ Via Nova,’ and we are continuing the Equine Clicker 101 Podcast.

Every day is a new adventure when traveling down the Priority to Positive Path® – so join us, sign up below and stay tuned!

Looking forward to embracing positivity with you,

Shawna Karrasch & the Via Nova Team