Via Nova’s Priority to Positive® approach brings Positive Reinforcement (R+) Training to the traditional horse world.

We’ve developed 5 Core Principles as a guide for equestrians in the sometimes unfamiliar terrain of using positive reinforcement (R+) in a practical way. These principles are not a “how-to” but rather your mental map to a new way of thinking about training and communicating with your horse. If things aren’t going quite as you expected, use these principles to shed light on your path.

  1. Understand Motivation: Desire vs. Avoidance
  2. Look for Your “YES!”: Flip your negative mindset
  3. Create Opportunity: Use the positive reinforcement tools that your horse wants to learn
  4. Shape toward What You Want: Thin slices and building blocks
  5. Set up for Success: It’s not cheating to make it easy