Via Nova. “New Road.”
New Vision. New Concepts.

Via Nova Training is taking the principles of behavioral science and positive reinforcement into traditional equestrian pursuits, by developing our Priority to Positive® program to help:

  • competitors achieve performance breakthroughs​
  • riders experience a deeper, more enjoyable connection with their horses
  • the enrichment and transformation of horses’ lives
  • support and expand the pool of seasoned positive reinforcement practitioners


We are developing a new approach to traditional training on a daily basis at our facility, Terra Nova Training Center, located in Santa Fe, NM. We believe that Positive Reinforcement Training creates happy, polite, confident horses for days around the barn, on the trail, in the ring, as well as in competition. We honor and respect many different training goals, so that our clients can observe outcomes and make informed training choices at their own pace. 

Equestrian competitors in all disciplines can gain the advantage of partners that enjoy and understand their work, offering their best efforts willingly, from goals with groundwork to goals under saddle as well as in competition.

Photo by Evalyn Bemis / @ebemisphoto

Positive Reinforcement Training is easy and enjoyable for the animal, but can be quite challenging for the traditional trainer.

It’s not magic nor is it always simple. New concepts and skills can seem overwhelming. Just like traditional training, using positive training and prioritizing positive methods requires education, patience, discipline, and practice. We also know the joy of participating with an enthusiastic equine partner that makes this journey worthwhile.

We believe our horses (and humans!) are worth the effort.