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Via Nova Training is hiring! For more information, or to apply for an available position, please email us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Operations Manager

High Level Job Description

Develops plans, processes, and schedules to execute on business objectives in the setting of an equestrian facility. Ensures that the Director’s ideas and initiatives are getting executed in a timely manner with high quality. Partner with all the individuals on the team to encourage participation and accountability. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Maximize productivity and on-site coordination of a small team of equestrian trainers (less than 10) 
  • Take Director’s objectives/key results and create a plan of execution which includes things such as:  timeline creation, coordination of schedules, and expectations for each tactic/deliverable(s)
  • Provide accountability and structure for all projects; create meetings, check-ins, or any other necessary systems to keep individuals on task and productive
  • Create an efficient way to capture all project details and record keeping electronically; ensure information flow is clear and well-organized using the Microsoft apps (i.e. MS Teams)
  • Be an observant and neutral third party; when conflict arises help individuals to stay on task and rise above their differences. Create win-win scenarios whenever possible
  • Develop ongoing project communication (i.e. a weekly status document) that delivers the key results of the team; determine the appropriate cadence to keep everyone informed and motivated
  • Update Director on situations of stakeholder impasse or individual performance issues that will impact project success
  • Whenever possible proactively manage scheduling conflicts, competing agendas, or anything that will interfere with getting the necessary project tasks completed; determine with Director’s guidance if additional resources are needed or if timing must shift 

Necessary Skillset

  • Great communicator (written and oral)
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Ability to take high-level initiatives and come up with tactical, action plans
  • A self-starter who is able to create solutions when conflicts arise and manage priorities effectively
  • Terrific interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence; understands how to motivate others
  • Collaborative; ability to align both individual and organizational goals 
  • Organized and efficient; ability to navigate multiple projects and schedules simultaneously
  • Experience using project management tools; ability to quickly learn and navigate Microsoft 365 specifically Planner, Teams, Sharepoint, and Outlook 

Additional Criteria

  • Proven operations/project management experience (3-5 years) 
  • On-site position (remote work not possible)
  • Must have physical ability to walk around expansive horse barn property with largely unpaved surfaces, up to 3 miles per day 
  • Reports to Director (no direct reports)
  • Six month contract position with the potential to become a permanent hire; relocation not included
  • Salary range: $35-40/hour 

About Us

Via Nova is a training and education program at the Terra Nova Equestrian Training Facility in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The goal of our team is to develop and promote Positive Reinforcement (R+) training methods in the traditional horse world. Our approach creates happy, polite, confident horses around the barn, on the trail, in the ring, and in competition. 

To Apply for Operations Manager: 

Please send resume to this email.


Apprentice “Priority to Positive®” (PtP) Trainer Position

Are you looking for an equestrian career that’s much more than just “a job working with horses”? Want to experience incredible rewards while participating in a true revolution in equine training and welfare? Experience a new road to knowledge, and be one of the pioneers in bringing Positive Reinforcement Training (R+) to the traditional equestrian world. This physically active, indoor/outdoor apprenticeship for an equestrian professional will give you a valuable horse training education, with a goal to be able to teach others the concepts and skills of our Priority to Positive® program.

Full-time Entry Level hourly employee position at our 50-acre facility, Terra Nova Equestrian Training Center, Lamy, NM, located 20 minutes from the plaza in historic Santa Fe.

Qualifications :

  • *Committed to, or already pursuing, a professional career in horse training, coaching and teaching* This is a requirement for this apprenticeship position.
  • Extensive riding experience in a traditional equestrian discipline. Soft, competent rider – video and in-person assessment of riding skills will be part of evaluation for position.
  • High level of horsemanship. Prefer a candidate who has at least 2 years of experience grooming, riding and/or teaching for a professional barn; or a graduate of formal equestrian training equivalent to BHS or equestrian college degree. Because of the varied nature of the equestrian industry, we are open to other horsemanship backgrounds.
  • Along with equestrian job or teaching and educational experience, competition record a plus.
  • Ability to engage in relaxed and open manner with other equestrians
    • Friendly, excellent communication and interpersonal skills with co-workers and general public
    • Open-minded and non-judgmental regarding equestrian training methods
    • Eager to learn and practice new training concepts
    • Engaged and open in groups, interested in problem solving and helping others
    • Capable and eager to learn skills to give presentations and horse-training demos to large groups
    • Ability to maintain composure in stressful situations
  • Ability to fill a physically active, athletic position. Physical requirements:
    • Ability to stand, except at breaks, lift at least 35 lbs, and walk at least 5 miles/day
    • Ability to work indoors and outdoors in all weather conditions
    • Ability to groom, tack and ride at least 3 horses for 1hr walk, trot and canter exercise each, per day.
  • Excellent multi-tasking abilities
  • Basic math and competent reading and writing skills
  • At least 21 years of age
  • Driver’s license and personal transportation
  • Fluent English-speaker

Job description: Entry level – minimum 1 year contract

  • Focus is on learning how to train horses using Positive Reinforcement methods and our “Priority to Positive®” principles, being a training partner and taking on foundation training, assisting and teaching in apprentice role
  • Participate in our onboarding and classroom program as Apprentice PtP Trainer, show mastery of material and move up curriculum levels
  • Under direction, assume responsibility for one or more horses for exercise and management
  • Under direction, participate in Positive Reinforcement Training, and developing and executing Objectives and Key Results (OKR’s) for assigned horses 
  • Be a daily training partner for other PtP trainers, including taking video
  • Submit daily logs and other training and curriculum records as required
  • Video uploading and tagging
  • Participate in organizing, and assist in managing and teaching workshops and clinics, including working on weekend and holidays
  • Other tasks as assigned, including regular rotation for Night Check, small animal feeding, etc.
  • Occasional travel for workshops, clinics and shows, including weekends and holidays.
  • Occasionally produce approved social media content

Job ladder to:

  • Assistant PtP Trainer (able to teach others on behalf of Via Nova Training)
  • PtP Trainer and Coach (able to teach on your own)


  • Initial compensation based on equestrian skills and experience, and personality fit for position
  • Health Insurance
  • Worker’s Comp

Perks of Apprenticeship position:

  • Employee housing w/internet access on facility in 2bd/2bath house shared with one co-worker, if space is available. Unfortunately we cannot allow pets in this employee housing.
  • Free board for 1 horse, as long as permission is given to make use of that horse in the Via Nova Training program
  • Expenses paid for approved educational seminars, workshops, events and conferences related to horse training and competition, both remote and in-person.

To Apply: 

Please send resume and/or a complete description of all active equestrian background by date and location, including the identification of when significant riding experience began, horse ownership, amateur experience, previous trainers, coaches, previous participation in equestrian competition and/or programs such as Pony Club, BHS, and any other equestrian workshops, clinics and certifications to this email.  Please include contact information.