Hand Feeding Safely with Positive Reinforcement (R+): Examples
While practicing Hand Feeding Safely with R+ we are teaching a behavior – calm, head away.  Seemingly simple, it does take practice and patience, especially when the horse and/or the trainer are new at R+.  

Practice, Practice, Practice ✋? ? 

Watch Via Nova trainer, Gilly, teach an apprentice the 7 Steps to Hand Feeding Safely in the barn aisle (no horse) and then in the arena with Via Nova equine R+ master, Drake.

Calm Head Away Looks Like..

Shawna discusses and Meredith demonstrates with Sebastian, who is a completely different personality than Drake in the above video. The session in the crossties was a few months earlier than the one in the stall – ? see a difference? 

Day 1:  a Young Horse is Introduced to R+  

Meet Solstice ? ... in this clip Gilly is introducing this young eventing prospect to positive reinforcement for the first time. Watch him learn!


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