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Via Nova Training, Priority to Positive® in Santa Fe, NM is dedicated to bringing proven, science-based, positive-reinforcement training skills into the mainstream of equestrian pursuits. We believe that effective positive-reinforcement training can create happy, polite, confident horses for everyday pleasure and equestrian achievement.

Apprentice “Priority to Positive®” (PtP) Trainer Position


Are you looking for an equestrian career that’s much more than just “a job working with horses”? Want to experience incredible rewards while participating in a true revolution in equine training and welfare? Experience a new road to knowledge, and be one of the pioneers in bringing Positive […]

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Shawna Karrasch has Joined the Via Nova Training Team!

Taking the Priority to Positive® Path

Shawna Karrasch is now officially the Positive Reinforcement Trainer and Animal Behavior expert at Via Nova Training. It’s an amazing synergy of talents, experience and resources, and we’ve been actively preparing opportunities for you to take the Priority to Positive® Path too. More on that […]

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Via Nova Training is Our New Name!

We’re on the road to the future with a new name: Via Nova Training. We’ll be taking Positive Reinforcement training into the national and international world of traditional horsemanship under this name, so watch for us as Via Nova Training at competitions, exhibitions, demos, online and wherever equestrians and horsemen […]

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The Importance of Reading and Understanding Your Horse’s Body Language

Being able to read your horse’s body language and facial expressions are one of the most important aspects of successful positive reinforcement training. Because we are looking for and reinforcing calm and relaxation, it is vital that we know what those emotions look like. Conversely, we need to be able […]

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One at a time; more on how to be an effective positive reinforcement trainer following shaping guidelines

Last week we started talking about Karen Pryor’s ‘Ten Laws of Shaping’, and what those look like in terms of real-world examples. The second guideline identified by Karen Pryor in her book, ‘Don’t Shoot the Dog’, is as follows:

“Train one aspect of any particular behavior at a time; don’t try […]

Thank you, Sarah!

One of the participants in our last workshop was Sarah Matlock, an instructor of Applied Equine Behavior at Colorado State University. We originally met Sarah at CHATTcon (Convergence of Human and Animal Training Technologies) in Seattle in July and were lucky enough to have her come learn with us earlier […]

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Meet the Minis!

At Terra Nova, we inherited a fully-functioning equestrian boarding facility from the previous owner. Part of this community included “The Minis,” our collective title for the 4 burros, 2 miniature horses and 2 goats who live together in the Mini-Pen.

Woodstock (left), Linus and […]

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Not-So-Angry Birds!

We weren’t sure it would work. We love the barn swallows that return every year to nest in the Main Barn. High up. Thirty feet high, on beams and wires that cross above the stalls, aisles and grooming bays. We welcome them (they eat tons of flies!) but we needed […]

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