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At Via Nova, our goal is to introduce Positive Reinforcement (R+) training methods into the traditional horse world.  Seeking to avoid the collision of the two worlds, traditional and R+, we’ve developed a unique approach called Priority to Positive® (PtP) which combines the relevant and helpful elements of traditional R+ training, as well as new PtP techniques developed by theVia Nova team, specifically to address the traditional perspectives.

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Our Philosophy

Via Nova is developing a new approach to traditional training on a daily basis at the Terra Nova Training Center in Santa Fe, NM. We believe that Positive Reinforcement Training creates happy, polite, confident horses around the barn, on the trail, in the ring, and in competition. We honor and respect many different training goals, so our clients can observe outcomes and make informed training choices at their own pace. Our horses (and humans!) are worth the effort.  Read more about our philosophy.

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Join our vibrant, supportive Via Nova PtP community!  We are offering all we can virtually, see our calendar for info. As soon as we can, we’ll offer clinics and workshops in-person in Santa Fe and beyond. We continue to build our online partners and resources to allow you to expand your Positive Reinforcement Training (R+) experience. Join us on social media in our online learning opportunities.  Sign up for our newsletter, follow our social channels and stay in touch with the latest happenings in Priority to Positive® with Via Nova!

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