Explore new roads with Via Nova Priority to Positive®

Photo by Evalyn Bemis / @ebemisphoto

Our goal is to introduce positive reinforcement training methods to the traditional horse world. Seeking to avoid a collision of traditional and R+ worlds, we’ve developed a unique approach called Priority to Positive® (PtP), combining the relevant and helpful elements of traditional R+ training, as well as new PtP techniques developed by our team, specifically to address traditional perspectives.

We are continuously training and testing our methods at the Terra Nova Training Center, a 40-stall, full-service boarding and training facility in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

Our Trainers

Gilly Slayter

Via Nova Lead Trainer and Barn Manager of Terra Nova Equestrian Center

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Meredith Ritter Lead Trainer Via Nova

Meredith Ritter

Via Nova Lead Trainer and Supervisor of Via Nova’s Priority to Positive® (PtP) Student Program

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Jasmine Piepho

Via Nova Assistant Trainer

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