Hello and happy fall!

First off, let’s celebrate some things this year and keep it positive! Even though all Shawna’s appearances have been virtual, and we all miss seeing everyone in workshops and clinics, we just wrapped up a super busy month of events where she got to do her favorite thing – teach and talk about Positive Reinforcement training!


Starting in late September, we created a Via Nova Barn Tour and had a presentation for Equitana’s eQuestrian Celebration. Soon after, Shawna was a guest on Ken Ramirez’s Live from the Ranch, which is a weekly virtual event he’s produced since we’ve all been ‘home.’ Click on the links to watch!

This month kept her busy with guest lectures for Virginia Tech and the University of Guelph. Shawna truly enjoys seeing students soak up this knowledge! And she just finished two appearances: on October 29th, she was a guest with the Positive Equine Conference, which will be available online at a later date. Jenny Eichner invited a variety of Positive Reinforcement specialists, and Shawna was honored to be a part of it. On October 30th, Shawna was one of the speakers for the Certified Horsemanship Association’s Virtual International Conference.